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Art of Matthias Vriens Mcgrath

Beautiful work of Matthias Vriens Mcgrath

Here is some sample of art work from Matthias Vriens Mcgrath. This artist is making beautiful photos for nude models. He used to be a ballet dancer, but unfortunately he couldn’t continue his career in it. So, he turned into design and publishing. Ballet background helps to show ”provoked elegance” in his work. Also, Matthias Vriens Mcgrath was one off the founders and editors of the Dutch magazine.

matthias-vriens-mcgrath matthias-vriens-mcgrath2 matthias-vriens-mcgrath4 matthias-vriens-mcgrath5 matthias-vriens-mcgrath6 s_000066image s_000152image s_000643image s_001503image s_001504image s_001768image s_001769image s_001773image s_001774image

If you would like to see it more, please visit here:

Matthias Vriens Mcgrath

New dildo experience given to a guy by his wife


Sandra’s husband, Tom it is a that kind of guy, who did not want something that come near his anus – he   had a real phobia. Sandra from time to time to mention how excited when he put his finger into her anus, but to try the same anal pleasures-never was interested.

In fact, Tom wanted to overcome his fear. After consulting with the sex trade specialist, has ordered thin anal dildo and special lubricant. Upon receipt of registered parcel has decided that tomorrow will be the special day, after which it will no longer be “innocent.”

Sandra was in the shower. It is a long admirer of swimming, so chances are that lover will come out soon, it was very small.

“Hi, honey!” – Uttered by Tom, having gone with her to the shower. Anal sex toy and lubricant he left on the stall where the lover can not see.

“Have I told you lately how much I love you and how you trust?” – He said.

“Yes, indeed, the exhibition is on a daily basis.”

“Well, I want to ask for your help.” He took anal dildo and showed Sandra. “Help me to enjoy anal sex. You keep talking about how it’s nice, in addition, I see that the strongest climax just at the time when my fingers end up in your anus … Probably, it would be a great feeling, so I do not want it and has never not to be. ”

Sandra saw that their partner chose a good toy – a thin, small – that intimidate him unconscious and caused stagnant as a woman earlier tests.

“Finally, adopting a perfect solution! I promise I’ll help you, and I will be very gentle, “- said she hugs.

“I’m really worried ..”

“I understand. But do not worry, when you want to stop or slow down – say smoothly, please . Let’s start from the fingers, and will feel safer .. ”

Hand Sandra began to caress partner’s buttocks. She knelt in the shower, listened to his face rigid penis and hand massages buttocks – as long as the muscles are relaxed and Tom felt more comfortable.

She embraced his mouth penis head, licking it, caressed. Mouth felt the first drops of seed cheese. Right hand užsitepusi sufficient amount of lubricant, it has gradually penetrated into Tom’s anus.

“Are you okay?” – She said.

“Yes, do not stop. Feeling nice. ”

Tom leaned forward slightly more spread his  feet – and was even better access to the sensitive anus. Sandra fingers crept back inside and soon, the wheels moved slowly near the beginning of the anus. Of course, at the time it ceased to meet her lover, and the oral route. As soon as the woman felt that the partner is completely relaxed, he put a finger a little bit deeper. Tom groaned and shrugged his insidious. She continued caressing the penis head, and while the finger more deeply stimulated the anus.

“Oh my God, how much I missed!” – Tom moaned.

“Like it?” – Enjoyable said Sandra.

“Yes, do not stop. Just Move it slow. ”

Using her finger Sandra is deeply moving partner anus is slipping, then removing the fingers, but all the time non stop blowing  Tom’s penis. Mouth felt that strengthening movements anus, penis was growing and hardening at the same time.

“Do not stop. Feeling – awesome “- quietly whispered Tom.

When Sandra felt very close to the beloved big O has inserted into the anus and the second toe. The muscles around her fingers as far as contracted, it was moving very slowly, allowing Tom to get used to the new feeling. Then, well spread of lubricant too, love game “turned on” and anal dildo was taken into the charge.

The anal dildo head entered, no more than a few centimeters, and she asked:

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yes, just do not stop!”

“I will accept this as a positive response,” – she said with a smile.

Sandra Dildo threw a little bit deeper, and soon, slowly and slowly, pulled out. This time it is at the insertion toy is a little deeper. Tom could not take himself all over the dildo, but sweetheart, and he was not going to pressure.

Marvelous sex toy aid while moving to and from the Tom, Sandra didn’t stopped to fondle his penis. She did insert dildo a little bit deeper, it gently spun him circles. Reached and after stimulation of the prostate gland, Tom seed in her mouth suddenly broke. Sandra caressed it until it no longer produced a drop of sperm.

Since that night they have a new tradition – once a week to enjoy anal pleasures. By the way, while maintaining the test for a new toy …



Spanish in my bed

I have already got used to the role of savior of the world, so not too surprised when a friend asked of taking care of study time friend, who comes from Spain, until it returns to his native city. So, in the late evening of work from the airport, I was taking a charming a Spanish fellow home.

It was pretty dumb, so I was glad that the time just left in for dinner, and tomorrow morning, it will take girlfriend. Culinary magic and Eastern European cuisine for representation of mood did not, so subscribing to the house, we had great pizza and some time sitting in the front of the TV we decided that it is time to sleep. As long as he washed, he plunked down on the sofa bed.

As soon as I heard him walking out of the bathroom, who knows why I quickly ask if everything is okay. Oh yes! .. It seems that we faced just a moment just passing in the doorway, but … In the luxuriant beard he looks much more attractive, while still hot, moist skin and male cosmetic smell lingering in the air dense bath …

After receiving a positive response abruptly closed myself in the bathroom and leaned back on the door – OH MY! I got on as if I immediately went out and after processing it as warm as wool. Unfortunately, this does not include the hospitable homemakers program. Remained undress and indulge at least refreshing water flow. Eventually after my shower relaxed, tired muscles, freed my thoughts … The hands found their way down, and then fled for other pleasurable sensations. Like a stormy sea waves sweep the shore- all fine, so it became my mean empty and quiet. For a moment I forgot that I am not alone and asking for trouble.

I heard something behind him and saw him stepped into the dark, tempting eyes, which only further heat up the atmosphere. Frozen in surprise, fear and excitement. Meanwhile, he had no anxiety and no language acted as if summoned by an official on the scene. Fold a towel the whole body and nestled tightly, hugged me from behind. His masculine hands under running water, slowly explored my body, and I’m still trying to recover the breath and believe what is happening.. Soon his rough palm comfortably slipped down my used hand, rather than the children’s fingers persistently struggled with my sweating hand causing new waves of pleasure.

I gave up pretty quickly so serve my competitor, turn off the water tap, and rests on the border of feeling gradually tending my legs. It certainly kept me embrace and even led to be sure, what is it going to be happened . While he is at the same time masterfully caressed my neck and shoulders, I felt his buttocks getting tempting and harder. His rapid breathing echoed my brave-less imagination and boiling heat in my veins. Like a fiery flamenco music, originally naughty boss, then exciting oscillations slowly conquered every inch of my body and wildly raged. I just helplessly was catching air dissolution. Oh my creaking body.

He gently stroked my wet back has regained its breath, and I just are standing on my feet. Finally looked back my shoulder, I could admire the sun kissed body, which, until now, only felt and joyful enthusiasm, I offered to continue again in his bedroom. It seems this he understood much better than my attempts to explain why he was picked up from the airport by me, and not by the student from the previous year. Eager to get a Spanish ”bull” in my bed …