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Anal GIFs set, see asses being destroyed by huge dicks

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Bad sex experience or how I picked an awful ‘one night stand’ partner

Last week, did what was not done before. Immediately after had sex with a guy with whom I met that night (of course I do so and before,…

Porn after parties are the best after parties


New forum

As the community is growing and people wants to say and ask others a lot off questions, -we have decided to give you a place to talk about…

Since we can’t make Glass sexy (yet), let’s get sexy with glasses


MiKandi Gold Giveaway – Free Porn! 18+



The sun’s a-shinin’, the birds a-singin’, coffee’s a-flowin’. Yes, today is going off with a good start. So let’s give away from free porn, shall we? 

Today, we’ll give away free MiKandi Gold to a random Tumblr follower to spend on porn apps and videos in the MiKandi Adult App Store and MiKandi Theater. Check back in a few hours for the winner.

Fap on Demand? Satisfaction in your pants? All day e’r…

Fap on Demand? Satisfaction in your pants? All day e’r day!

We love festival girls.

We love festival girls.

Beautiful real life buts

thalytehouse: WhiteGirLs



thenaughtywall: thenaughtywall.tumblr.com



Not enough #TittyTuesday on my Twitter



Art of Matthias Vriens Mcgrath

Beautiful work of Matthias Vriens Mcgrath Here is some sample of art work from Matthias Vriens Mcgrath. This artist is making beautiful photos for nude models. He used…

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New dildo experience given to a guy by his wife

Sandra’s husband, Tom it is a that kind of guy, who did not want something that come near his anus – he   had a real phobia. Sandra…

my first date

Spanish in my bed

I have already got used to the role of savior of the world, so not too surprised when a friend asked of taking care of study time friend,…

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